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“White Gates Farm chicken tastes like a fresh chicken should. It is lean and tasty. there is a depth of taste that you don’t get with commercially raised chicken without a lot of marinating and herbs and spices. I was raised on fresh. locally raised poultry. It tastes like the chicken of my home.”

Ruthann.Bakun., Harvard, MA

“We just had one of your T Bone steaks the other night – the best one we we ever ate ever.”

James and Sandra, Springfield, NH

…The half pig I purchased last fall was of exceptional quality and the smoked cuts were excellent. The chickens were also outstanding. Your pasture-raised products are top-notch and I would recommend them unconditionally to anyone!”

Another satisfied customer

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Living Green

At White Gates Farm, we believe in reducing our carbon footprint. To do our part, our family has opened partner businesses that support this concept. Each entity moves us one step closer to "closing the energy loop."   Learn More!