Pasture-raised Chickens

Our chickens are raised on pasture and fed a supplemental grain diet. They get to move to a fresh, clean patch of grass every day to behave like free chickens should. In addition to their grass diet they get to scratch the earth, tear open cow paddies, eat bugs and other insects from their daily patch of ground.
New for 2016:  Some of our chickens will be USDA processed, and for your convenience, select portioned cuts will be available!!  Pre-ordering your cut up birds will allow us to gauge how many batches we process this way.  Minimal Order of six birds, in portions. Price for these birds is $6.75 per pound.  Whole broilers can also be ordered at our current pricing.
This year we again will be raising two breeds of broiler.
  • The first is our “go-to”,  the Cornish Cross, which has wonderful taste and size and does well on pasture.
  • The other is a special Red Broiler bred for it’s taste and ability to do very well on pasture.

The first batch of our 2016 Cornish Cross will be available in early June, and the Red Broiler will be ready in September.

Please fill out the form below to order or call Hank @ (603) 662-7538

Living Green

At White Gates Farm, we believe in reducing our carbon footprint. To do our part, our family has opened partner businesses that support this concept. Each entity moves us one step closer to "closing the energy loop."   Learn More!

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