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Hank LeTarte, NH farm

Hank Letarte

Hank possesses a unique portfolio of past professions, starting as a paperboy and altar boy, moving into tree work, haying, and apple picking as a teenager and young man in college. A stint in the Merchant Marines was followed by three years on the Alaskan pipeline, where he amassed a fortune just large enough to purchase a dump truck and backhoe and move

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  to New Hampshire, where he used his expertise gained on the pipeline to dig and fill using heavy equipment.

His college degree was in turf, so as the Lakes Region of NH grew, it was a natural progression to move into the landscaping industry. The business thrived throughout the early 1980’s, as he met and married his wife, Heather and started his family. Soon after marrying, Hank and Heather purchased a 113 acre tract of land that held promises of fields hidden under pines, as well as a defunct sandpit.

The sandpit also became a source of income in that time period, as he went on to clear several acres, build a home, and continue his landscaping business. As the lakeside building boom dwindled to a trickle in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, a change was made and Hank and Heather moved their business to the Tamworth home, where it continued for a few short years before they decided to take down that shingle.

Hank always had an interest in farming and his drive and determination, along with that of his family, has created White Gates Farm, Our Town Biodiesel (shared with son, Forrest), and newly created Organic Matters, a certified composting facility. These fledgling businesses hold promise, and as Hank enters the years where most are considering retirement, he shows no signs of slowing down.

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Heather Letarte

Heather started her life in Melrose, Masssachusetts. Her father and mother moved their family of four small children to Wolfeboro, NH when Heather was just under six years old. The family lived with the grandparents in a farmhouse with several acres for two happy years. Heather fondly remembers this as one of the most fulfilling times of her life.

More About Heather

When she was eight, the family (now with five children) moved to Meredith, NH, where Heather lived until she met Hank. She spent many years helping Hank with his businesses as his office manager, and then went to work as a teacher’s aide once her four kids were grown, where she remains today. She also works as a house and commercial business cleaner, and operates a small travel business from home. She continues to work at the farm as the office manager, as well as other vocations as needed. Home and family are very important to her, and she loves living rurally.

Danica Letarte Medeiros

Danica is the oldest of Hank and Heather’s four children. She graduated from Moultonborough Academy in Moultonborough, NH,
and then went on to earn her Bachelor’s in Communication from Colby Sawyer College in New London.

More About Danica

After college, she moved to Massachusetts to work, and it was there that she met and married her husband, Mark. Danica has always played an active role in her parent’s businesses, and acts as a marketing advisor regularly. She is always one step ahead in the area of social media, and has great foresight about trends in the marketplace. Recently, Danica started an online business and trademarked the slogan “Farmers are Cool”. She sells clothing, etc. with the clever slogan through her website, She makes her home in Massachusetts with her husband, Mark and daughter, Natalie.

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